Weighing process is one of the essential points in measuring the capacity of the plant. Weighing the material as it passes through a conveyor is an easy and economic method for it.

LS 2020 Belt Scales are manifactured by our company. All of the outdoor equipments are suitable to work in heavy duty conditions. In addition to this, all of the indoor equipments are mounted inside IP65 cabinet.

Electronic components consist of Siemens and Weidmüller brand which are standart and reliable. There is no electronic card design out of the standarts.

The weighing software is planned to be user friendly. Restrictions can be defined with user management feature. Users can be created for calibration progress. This protects the calibration values from unauthorized personel.

The most important feature of LS 2020 belt scale, is operation mode selection between 3 different modes.

These are; belt scale, dosing scale and loading scale. Each mode has its own interface.