The system provides suitable living enviroment for the poultry during the period from hatching to slaughtering.

The system that is consisting of PLC and HMI panel, has automatic and manual mode. All faults are logged and e-mail is send to the user in the case of fault.

Temperature sensor, humidity sensor, differential pressure sensor, ammonia (NH3) sensor, carbondioxyde (CO2) sensor, water flow sensor and load cell (for food weighing)  are used şn the process.


  • Humidity ratio, oxygen amount, temperature and pressure is checked in the poultry-house
  • Fans start and stop step by step during the process
  • Cooling pets, flaps and dumpers are controlled proportionally.
  • System faults, electricity shortage and reaching poultry-house temperature min/max temperature produce faults that can be read from HMI screen.
  • Fully automated heating and cooling removes human faults and provides 24 hour stable temperature
  • There are 4 different zone illimunation control.
  • Water consumption is checked by a water flow meter.
  • Food consumption is calculated by load cells and monthly consumption is logged.
  • Age, weight and dead count of poultry is logged.
  • Poultry-house automation is controlled with 60 days recipes.
  • System can be used in automatic and manual mode.


All controls related to the automation is set, monitored and reported by choosing their screen. Monitoring, settings, reporting and recipes are arranged according to the points below:

1. Poultry-house monitoring
2. Starting the system
3. Daily logs
4. Alarm table
5. Event table
5.1 Temperature settings
5.2 Fan settings
5.3 Bufel settings

5.4 Illimunation settings
5.5 Heating settings
5.6 Cooling settings
5.7 Alarm settings
5.8 Calibration
5.9 Factory reset
6. System settings