The main purpose of the loading scale is to load designated amount of material to the truck under the material silos.

Loading scale is installed on the conveyors under the material silos. It prevents the less or more loading caused by operator faults.

The designated amount of material is entered to the screen. Loading command is given. Conveyor automatically starts, then the gate is opened.  When the designated amount is reached gate is closed then the conveyor stops.

Loading process is controlled by the scale automation using digital inputs-outputs. It can also be done over communication protocols.

Indicators on the loading scale screen:

 Daily Counter: The counter that resets on 00:00 every day. (ton)

⦁ Setpoint: Designated amount of material to be loaded. (ton)

⦁ Loaded: Amount of material loaded during the operation. (ton)

⦁ State: State of the loading process.

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