Dosing scale is used in the places where the capacity has to be adjusted.

Reference capacity is entered on the screen and the dosing process is controlled by analog output of the dosing scale. This process can be done over communication protocol.

The most efficient use of dosing scale is with the constant feeding speed and variable conveyor speed. Systems designed this way, can sense the change of material flow immediately and reach the designated capacity in a short period of time.

In the systems where the conveyor speed is constant and the feeder speed is variable, the scale will sense the material change after a period of time. Thus the feedback of the system will be delayed. Reaching the designated capacity take longer in these type of systems.

Indicators on the dosing scale screen:

Daily Counter: The counter that resets on 00:00 every day. (ton)

Reference: Designated conveyor capacity or material flow. (ton/hour)

Material Flow: Current flow rate of the material. (ton/hour)

Conveyor Speed: Conveyor speed calculated over the encoder. (meter/second)

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