LS Endüstriyel Otomasyon Sistemleri has been founded in 2011 along with 30 years of experience. Our company provides services on industrial automation sector. Cabinet manifacturing, programming and turnkey projects with field installation for many customers, has been done up to this day. Our main expertise is the mining sector and furthermore our team is experienced on the crusher plant automation on the highest degree.

We developed our LS 2020 Belt Scale as a result of research and development studies. Belt Scale, Dosing Scale and Loading Scale are the features of our product

By the advantage of the OEM partnership with SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC starting in 2016, we provide the best of our service to our customers. SCNEIDER, SIEMENS, ABB and EMOTRON brand components are used in our projects.


Is to deliver our services and products to our customers with the newest technology, the lowest price and with a permanent structure.


Is to be permenant and remarkable company by putting great importance to research and development and building domestic-international projects, products and engineering applications. With the projects we have finished up to this day and groving customer group we proved our succes in this sector. We will always keep on improving ourselves with our self-confidence.